Allen West: Kaepernick Needs To Apologize And Go To Afghanistan [VIDEO]

Fox News

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Allen West thinks that Colin Kaepernick should apologize for disrespecting United States servicemen.


I come from a family of servants,” the retired Army Lt. Col., explained. “My father was born in 1920. He served in World War II at a time when he truly knew what oppression meant. He was not afforded all the rights and privileges other Americans were, but when he sat me down on the steps of our home in Atlanta, GA … he told me there’s not greater honor, no greater privilege than wearing the uniform of the United States of America.”

When Colin Kaepernick sits down and disrespects the flag that draped the coffin of my father, a WWII veteran, I do take umbrage with that,” he continued. “He is just parroting talking points.”

West also laid out a detailed plan for Kaepernick to make amends with Americans offended by his stunt:

First and foremost he should give a humble apology to this country and to the men and women who have served… I think he should take a hiatus from the NFL for the Football Province. He can go over to Helmand Province in Afghanistan and be there with those men and women who are protecting his rights and his freedoms and affording his privilege to be able to be a multi-millionaire one-percenter. Throw the football with them… If he does something like that, I think the American people will understand. 

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