HLN Bites The Bullet — ‘We Blurred’ The Pro-Trump Shirt… Our Bad [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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HLN censored a pro-Donald Trump t-shirt while re-airing an interview with former New Jersey police officer Steke Eckel Wednesday, and now the CNN-owned network is apologizing for it.

On Thursday, a network spokesperson told reporters “we blurred the logo and shouldn’t have.” (VIDEO: ‘Good Samaritan’ Saves Infant — HLN Blurs His Pro-Trump Shirt)

During the live airing of Eckel’s Wednesday hit, the 53 year old — who on Monday rescued an infant girl from a locked car in a New Jersey parking lot — was shown wearing a blue shirt emblazoned with the message, “Trump for President 2016.”


In the re-airing, the pro-Trump message was censored, an act the HLN spokesman deemed an “error.”

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