Kindergartener Stops Outside School To Pray, Recite Pledge Of Allegiance

hoto by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images for NASCAR

Annabel Scott Contributor

Royce Nelson, a 5-year-old from Santa Fe, Texas, has become an internet sensation after his mother captured his heartwarming display of patriotism outside his school last week.

Royce’s mother, Heather Nelson, told ABC7 that she was in a hurry to drop her son off on time for kindergarten, but as she watched all the other students file into Wollam Elementary, she noticed Royce was standing quietly outside the doors of the school.

When Nelson called out to Royce urging him to go into the school, the on-duty resource officer, Cibby Elizabeth Moore, quickly stepped over to Nelson’s car and explain why she hadn’t rushed Royce inside with the rest of the children.

“The officer said ‘mom he’s doing good, he stopped for the Pledge of Allegiance (and then she puts her hand over her heart to show me) and now he’s praying,” Nelson posted to Facebook.

Royce had overheard the Pledge of Allegiance begin inside, so he stopped in his tracks to finish reciting the pledge, followed with a quick prayer.

“This is such a beautiful picture,” Nelson adds. “I was so proud that he stopped when the Pledge of Allegiance came and stood his ground and did not move as the other kids were going in and then took time out and prayed and did not even care or think twice about it.”

Fox 26 reports that Nelson’s Facebook post has since been viewed over 2 million times.

“I am very proud of him to represent the most two amazing things, God and our country”, says Nelson. “Thank you God, thank you for giving me a wonderful day.”