McMullin To Appear With ‘Placeholder’ Running Mate Name On Ballots

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin will appear alongside a placeholder name, instead of his actual running mate, on eight ballots, Politico reports.

McMullin’s campaign submitted McMullin’s name and the name of his running mate, “Nathan Johnson,” who the campaign told Politico was a placeholder name. He has so far not named a running mate.

The campaign has qualified for nine ballots so far, but laws in eight of those states don’t allow names to be changed once they’re submitted, so McMullin is stuck with Johnson on the ticket with him, whether he exists or not.

In Utah, where McMullin was expected to pose the greatest threat to Donald Trump, the state director of elections for the lieutenant governor’s office told Politico, “The clerks will begin printing the ballots now, so there is no way to change it. Yes Johnson is the V.P.”