The Internet Is Swirling With Conspiracies That Hillary Coughed Up ‘Something’ Into Her Water


Derek Hunter Contributor
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It wouldn’t be the Internet without conspiracy theories. You name it, there’s someone online who doesn’t believe the official version of the story. From the JFK assassination to the disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight 370, Internet conspiracy theories are alive and well. Now there’s a new entrant: Hillary Clinton’s glass of water.

During her campaign stop in Cleveland on Labor Day, Clinton suffered another coughing fit. It was a deep, wet cough. When the candidate reached for the glass of water on the podium, web surfers noticed she didn’t really drink much from the glass, but she did appear to make a deposit into it.


It does appear as though something was deposited, but what? The Internet wouldn’t be the Internet if people didn’t use it to speculate.