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Summer 2016 was dominated by Black Lives Matter, a violent group whose supporters are responsible for burning down cities and celebrating the murder of police officers. Yet, you would never know this based off what the liberal media says. The left applauds BLM as an historic protest movement, while ignoring the violent impact it is having on the nation’s communities. The sheer number of cop killings is through the roof this year, with very few people powerful enough to stop the toxic influence of Black Lives Matter throughout the land.

The liberal media may hold the majority of the power, but there are alternative outlets out there as well. Unfortunately, sites like The Daily Caller are simply not as big as left-wing giants like the New York Times and the Washington Post, and their reach does not compare. Reports of the sinister doings of Black Lives Matter and the heroism of this nation’s police force do not spread as far as those feting BLM.

You can help change this. By getting one of these Blue Lives Matter T-shirts, you can support alternative media. You can make the powerful statement that the truth still means something. Blue lives — the lives of the brave men who perform the dangerous task of patrolling America’s streets — do matter.

Keep Accountable Journalism Accessible To All

Keep Accountable Journalism Accessible To All

Blue Lives Matter. Please consider supporting alternative media, so that more people can know how important our police are to this country.