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P. H. Guthrie Freelance Writer
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Somewhere in the dark recesses of the liberal mind lives a right-wing boogie man capable of limitless evil actively plotting the most nefarious deeds. From these personal maelstroms of paranoia comes the latest leftist idiocy to crawl out of the chyron: Donald Trump is a super-secret agent of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s latest mortal sin and proof positive of Slavic sycophancy is his appearance on Larry King, which happens to be picked up by, among others, RT, a Russia-funded news network. Poor Larry – you’d think from the coverage that he was Moscow’s version of Tokyo Rose. King’s production company, Ora TV, was co-founded by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, the largest shareholder of The New York Times. While it was easy enough during the Cold War to believe that The New York Times took orders from the Kremlin (cf. Walter Duranty), I hadn’t realized until now that Larry King was the mastermind behind their bromance with Bolshevism.

Of course, the media didn’t go crazy when UN Ambassador Susan Rice or Obama’s mind-meld Ben Rhodes sat down for an interview with Al Jazeera. But then the Muslims are our friends, which is why we’re giving the Iranian “Death to America” regime $100 billion. Membership in a persecuted minority has its privileges.

Trump said previously that Putin was “a stronger leader” than President Obama, which is like stating the average America is more honest than Hillary Clinton. The same Democrat-Media complex that is apoplectic that Trump would want friendly relations with Russia are the same people who mocked Mitt Romney four years ago for calling Russia a geopolitical foe. George W. Bush may have been a fool for saying he could trust Putin, but at least he admitted his mistake after Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, which is more than can be said for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Shortly after she became Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton famously asked Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov to press the ‘reset’ button, which was mistranslated to mean ‘overload’ – an early indication of Clinton’s incompetence. The reset was supposedly needed because of poor relations caused by the outgoing President Bush. Evidently, Clinton felt that the U.S. had mistreated Russia by cooling relations in the wake of the latter’s conquest of their tiny neighbor.

Fast forward a few years to 2012 and Obama’s ‘red line’ speech warning Syria not to use chemical weapons, and subsequent inaction when the red line was repeatedly crossed. In 2014, the Obama Administration used the failure of Ukraine’s democratically-elected president to sign a pro-western trade agreement as a pretext to instigate a coup. For Russia, this was the final straw in a long list of insults and injuries that began ironically with Bill Clinton’s bombing of Serbia, a fellow Orthodox Christian nation and traditional Russian ally. Putin took the measure of Obama, found his red lines wanting and went to war.

In short, the Clinton-Obama foreign policy with respect to Russia (and elsewhere) is such a categorical failure that the idea that they are in position to criticize anyone for pointing out that Putin ate their lunch is insane. No one – least of all Trump – is saying that Putin is a nice guy; merely that he is an effective representative for his country’s interests. The current effort to impute words or meanings beyond what Trump has said into some deep admiration for all things Putin is a lie, but typical of the media Narrative.

And since when has Hillary Clinton troubled herself about the repressive nature of dictators? In addition to lending support to such scumbags as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, Clinton has vacuumed up tens of millions of dollars for her Foundation slush fund from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Are their abysmal human rights records, especially with regards to women, different just because the Left and this administration in particular have made a fetish of kowtowing to Islamic potentates?

Of course, Obama and Hillary don’t actually care about the Ukraine. If they did, they’d train and equip the government forces in combat with Moscow-backed rebels, rather than just send a token amount of non-lethal aid like bandages and blankets.

The reason the Clinton campaign and its media subsidiaries have launched a red scare worthy of “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy has nothing to do with Trump’s praise of Putin’s pectorals, and everything to do with their terror of what the next batch of Hillary emails may reveal. The left is convinced – with good reason – that Moscow is feeding Wikileaks’ Julian Assange the contents of Clinton’s server and their full frontal assault on Putin is an effort to discredit whatever comes out of Wikileaks as tainted by Putin’s efforts to influence the American election.

Liberals may also hope that running around banging pots together will make Putin back down. Sorry, guys, Vladimir is no John Roberts.

One of the favorite tricks of the left is impugn the source of damaging information rather than talk about the facts the information makes plain. Thus the problem was not Bill Clinton pleasuring himself with an intern and lying about it under oath, but the mad, sex-hating, bible-thumping nut Ken Starr, who was such a prurient freak that he reported where Bubba stuck his cigar.

Hillary and the media don’t care about Trump or any supposed affinity with Putin. They don’t care about the Ukraine, and couldn’t tell you the difference between the Donbas and a donkey’s ass. They do care about that damn server and those emails full of Crooked Hillary’s pay-to-play bribery schemes dropping on them like a piano in late October.

Democrats and the media think they can make the email issue about Putin – heck, they even tried to sub in Colin Powell – but nothing can distract from the criminal misdeeds of the greedy and sick old lady they want to make president.