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This Week In Gun News: Katie Couric Gets Served, Schumer Has A Goal, Tim Kaine On Guns

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Harold Hutchison Freelance Writer
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The Perky One Gets Served

It seems Katie Couric’s foray into anti-gun propaganda has now gotten her even more bad PR. After being outed as dishonest (based on a deceptive edit of an interview with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League), and as a hack for billionaire nag and gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg, she’s got a new problem now. She’s being sued.

Okay, let’s be serious. The $12 million, if it is awarded, is probably just couch cushion money for Bloomberg. The real win here will come from discovery – to find out just how Bloomberg bought and paid for Couric’s efforts, and to find out just who else is a Bloomberg stooge. Not that VCDL won’t put that $12 million to good use, especially if it’s from a check Bloomberg has to write.

Come to think of it, just seeing Bloomberg write that check out to VCDL would be a worthwhile win.

Another Aussie Gun Grab?

In 1996, gun grabbers rammed a massive semi-auto ban through the Australian parliament. Everyone had to turn in their semi-auto rifles, semi-auto shotguns, and pump-action shotguns in a “mandatory buyback” scheme that Hillary Clinton has admired.

Well, it hasn’t worked. Now, the Aussies are thinking about another gun grab. Not twenty years after the first effort, did it stop crime? Did it stop crooks from getting the bad guns? It didn’t. And Australia is one giant island. Can’t exactly swim there with a bunch of AR-15s.

Maybe, just maybe, the Aussies need to re-think their gun ban. Lift the thing, make it easier for citizens to carry guns to protect themselves, and the crooks will have a much harder time of it.

Schumer’s “Number One” Goal

If gun owners have any certainty in the world, it is that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is a mortal enemy of our Second Amendment rights. So, when he lays out something as his “number one” goal, it’s probably in our best interests to defeat it.

What is Schumer’s “number one” goal, you ask? A “progressive” Supreme Court should he be Senate majority leader. Among the targets of this court would be the landmark Heller and McDonald decisions that threw out gun bans on Second Amendment grounds. Not only that, but you can bet that rulings like Citizens United that protected free speech will also be targets. You can bet such an activist court would also find a way to allow big city mayors to sue gun manufacturers for the actions of criminals.

Just How Anti-Gun is Tim Kaine?

When Hillary Clinton picked Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) to be her running mate, we knew she picked someone as anti-gun as she is. Well, the NRA has the scoop on how anti-gun Kaine is.

If gun-grabbers wanted it, he went for it. We’re talking Australia-style gun bans, licensing and registration (precursors for confiscation), gun-rationing schemes, using trial lawyers to bankrupt gun manufacturers, the list goes on and on. Nowhere are there notions of actually using existing laws to put away criminals for a long time when they misuse firearms. Even though Project Exile showed that approach worked – and worked very well.

Kaine’s just a typical gun-grabber – and should Hillary win, he is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

The Gun-Grabbers Don’t Give Up

The fight for our Second Amendment rights requires, in the words of a Harry Potter character, “constant vigilance.” A look at Washington, D.C.’s fight to maintain its unreasonable laws explains why.

Eight years after the Heller case, D.C.’s concealed carry laws are now the subject of dispute. Two judges at the district court level have split rulings, and a panel of three judges is slated to hear the case. The gun-grabbers keep fighting – and don’t concede an inch. While it is very aggravating, it should be worth keeping in mind. They are relentless in coming after our rights.

That tenacity is something that has to be matched, or we could someday be like the gun owners in Australia who were standing in line to hand in their guns.

Gun-Grabbers Get Creative, Too

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Healey is one gun-grabber who fits that description of not giving up. Earlier this summer, she unilaterally banned a number of semi-automatic firearms. Now, she’s on a fishing expedition targeting some gun companies.

In one case, she is going after Glock because of three instances of operator error – out of millions in circulation. Ms. Healey, let’s be honest here. You’re not doing this out of concern for people’s safety. You’re doing it to give gun manufacturers hell. Why not work with federal prosecutors to put those who misuse firearms in jail for a long time?

Too embarrassing because you never thought of it? What’s the deal? Why is it so hard, when some of those would be easy cases to win?