Saying Rioters ‘Hate White People’ Is Worse Than Actual Riots

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Scott Greer Contributor
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Liberal journalists and political figures have finally found an aspect of the Charlotte riots that appalls them.

No, it wasn’t the looting or the vicious beatings of innocent bystanders. It was a Republican congressman saying the folks doing the looting and beating don’t like white people very much.

“The grievance in their minds – the animus, the anger – they hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not,” North Carolina Rep. Robert Pittenger said on BBC Thursday. (RELATED: Congressman: Charlotte Rioters ‘Hate White People’)

Immediately, the outrage spiral began on social media as demands for Pittenger’s resignation were issued from many prominent figures.

Congressional Black caucus chairman and fellow North Carolina Rep. G.K. Butterfield declared Pittenger’s “appaling” comments “beneath any American, let alone a Member of Congress.” The N.C. Democratic Party accused the Republican of “fanning the flames of hate with his racist rhetoric.”

Prominent Hillary Clinton lackey David Brock called on Pittenger to resign for his “hateful comments.”

CNN commentator Bakari Sellers claimed the congressman went “full racist” in his observation that demonstrators hate a certain race.

The rest of the responses from the outraged followed in a similar vein in confidently asserting Pittenger is a deplorable human being and racist scum. You would’ve thought he said “I hate black people” instead of noticing the hate he saw in rioters, judging by the reaction.

This level of indignation was remarkably absent when it came to discussing the rioting Pittenger was responding to. The actual violence couldn’t hold a candle to the remark that those doing the violence dislike white people. Moreover, it was quite a surprise to see lawmakers and other powerful figures get so upset at a verbal condemnation of rioters.

Is their honor really worth defending?

The anger at the congressman could be justified if what he said had no basis in fact. But, awkwardly for Pittenger’s detractors, the remark that the demonstrators — or at least a significant number of them — have an animus for whites does have a basis in fact.

The unrest in Charlotte arose in response to the police-involved shooting death of an African-American, Keith Lamont Scott. When asked for comment on the shooting, Scott’s brother Tim Jackson told reporters, “Just know that all white people are fucking devils. All white cops are fucking devils, and white people.” (RELATED: Brother Of Man Shot By Black Police Officer In Charlotte: ‘All White Cops Are F***ing Devils, And White People’)

A demonstrator declared on live TV during one of the nighttime disturbances that “white people is [sic] hypocrites. They’re barbaric… white lives don’t matter.” Another demonstrator screamed at a Fox News reporter who asked her a reasonable question — because he was white.

One man sympathetic to the riots told local news that he hoped the agitators turned their attention on the predominately white suburbs because “the people with the money” live there.

And, most troubling, there was the video of an innocent bystander getting viciously beaten, dragged and stripped by a mob of rioters on Wednesday. It appears the violence was brought on by the man for the mere offense of being white. (RELATED: Charlotte Rioters Mercilessly Beat, Kick Innocent Man [VIDEO])

We can debate over whether the predominant grievance of the Charlotte rioters was against white people, but it is certainly a fact that anti-white bias manifested in their actions and statements. More importantly, their destruction of property and looting was far worse than any comments a congressman would make. It’s also hard to say your protesting against injustice when you’re running out of the NASCAR Hall of Fame with an arm-full of stolen goods.

But the media made sure to keep the focus on the supposed epidemic of police murdering African Americans and how the rioters were upset because they are oppressed. The riots may have been wrong, but they were still out in the streets for a noble cause.

Most of the riots America has witnessed over the past few years have seemed more like expressions of abject criminality than violence on behalf of any cause. But, along with Charlotte, another recent riot showed a growing animosity towards whites among those who engage in the senseless mayhem.

When Milwaukee erupted in riots last month over the police-involved shooting death of an African-American pointing a gun at law enforcement, whites became the targets of violence on the streets. On one night, rioters checked the race of passing car drivers. If they were white, the rioters picked them out for attack. (RELATED: Milwaukee Rioters Hunt Down, Attack Whites [VIDEO])

Reporters on the ground weren’t immune to the violence either. An Asian-American journalist recalled in Politico how he and a white colleague were chased down by rioters because they were perceived to be white. “Get your white ass out of here! You better not let me fucking catch you!” was shouted at the white reporter, who later had to sprint for his life away from the mob pursuing him.

The Asian reporter did not get away from his pursuers, but he was saved from a beatdown when his assailants learned he wasn’t white. “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!” said one of the black men who was ready to stomp the reporter into a bloody pulp.

A freelance white journalist who provided much of the on-ground footage of the riots later had to pull out of the city because “For those that are perceivably white, it is not safe to be here.” (RELATED: White Reporter Pulls Out Of Milwaukee Because Of Racial Threats)

Like nearly every riot, most of the damage done was to the communities from which the rioters belong to. In an effort to stop that, the sister of the man slain by Milwaukee police urged demonstrators to go burn down the suburbs instead during a press conference. CNN, in an act of adhering to the predetermined narrative, edited the speech to make it seem like she was calling for peace. (RELATED: CNN Edits Out Milwaukee Police Shooting Victim’s Sister Calling For Violence)

The disturbing presence of racial animosity within these riots is undeniable, and we shouldn’t be so outraged when a congressman makes note of it in a rather blunt fashion. Worst, we should not rush to defend the honor and dignity of criminals who loot and attack innocents because somebody said they might be racist.

That’s idiotic.

What we should focus on is why these demonstrators feel this hatred and why is it becoming more common in these protests. Is it because the media does its utmost to propagate the notion that droves of African-Americans are murdered by police for no reason at all? Is it because we now blame “systemic racism” for everything wrong in minority communities?

We should look into the matter instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.

It goes without saying the racist attitudes among rioters should be far more of a concern than anyone noticing the trend.

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