Is The New York Times Sitting On More Donald Trump Tax Documents? [VIDEO]

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The New York Times reporter who broke the story late Saturday that Donald Trump took a $916 million tax loss in 1995 played coy on Sunday when asked if the newspaper is set to publish more of the Republican presidential candidate’s tax records.

“Are you sitting on more documents?” CNN’s Brian Stelter asked the reporter, Susanne Craig, during an interview.

“We are doing a lot of reporting around this. We are going to keep going,” she responded.

“That’s a ‘yes,’ you have more document than besides the three,” Stelter said.

“That may be a no comment,” Craig said, laughing.

Craig and several of her colleagues reported on Saturday that a New York state tax return filed by Trump in 1995 showed that the real estate tycoon posted a $916 million loss. The paper, which verified the authenticity of the tax filing with his former accountant, speculated that that massive loss meant Trump may have avoided paying income taxes for the past two decades. (RELATED: Trump Campaign: New York Times Illegally Obtained Tax Records)

The report has touched off intense debate. Trump critics say the report is a bombshell because it exposes a massive business failing and because it suggests Trump did not pay taxes for many years. His supporters say that The Times broke the law by publishing the documents. They have also questioned the sourcing of the records.

Asked about the source of the documents, Craig offered another coy response.

Craig and her colleagues reported that she received the documents by mail. The return address was from Trump Tower, according to the report.

“That does not mean they came from Trump Tower, does it?” Stelter asked Craig.

“No, it does not because it could have came from any number of sources,” she said.

“Do you know who?” Stelter asked.

“Again, I’m going to no comment that one.”


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