Podesta Hacks Shows Clinton Staffers Discussing Which Emails To Release

REUTERS/Mike Segar

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Newly leaked emails from the account of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta reveal Clinton campaign staffers discussing which material to turn over in response to a subpoena of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

A March, 2015 email chain shows three Clinton staffers discussing a House subpoena of Mrs. Clinton’s emails. The conversation took place roughly three weeks before a Clinton aide used software called “Bleachbit” to wipe her server clean.

“Not as flippantly, and maybe just from Nick’s mouth — but rather than going around and around on how to release the 55k, let’s just be for what’s happening and use this as the excuse,” Philippe Reines said. “Because we can say even if State has equities, not providing them would put her in legal jeopardy. OR, we say happy for them to have it, happy for the public to read them as soon as State is comfortable. But let’s somehow take advantage of this.”

Longtime Clinton aide Cheryl Mills asked, “can we implement this in the next hour?” at which point Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook jumped into the conversation.

“Just for clarity: this House subpoena is just for Libya, right? We were discussing releasing everything, no?” Mook said.

Mills shot back: “right to both.”

The email chain was revealed after Wikileaks published thousands of stolen emails from Podesta’s email account. Russian hackers are believed to be the source of the hack.

The technician who wiped Clinton’s server invoked his Fifth Amendment rights when called before the House last month.

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