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Afternoon Mirror: ‘God Save Us All’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Women of all political stripes have told me that #Trump’s scowling, hovering presence near #Hillary Sunday scared them. Men didn’t notice.”

Howard Fineman, Editorial Director, HuffPost.



MSNBC’s Craig Melvin denies NYT‘s John Harwood has hard wood for the Clinton campaign 

“I would say it’s an overstatement to say he was colluding with the campaign.” — Craig Melvin on MSNBC Wednesday.

Washington Examiner correspondent takes a baseball bat to the NYT 

“NYT response to Trump threat: We tried to confirm women’s stories, but truth doesn’t matter because Trump reputation already too bad to harm.” — Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent Byron York.

Convo Between Two Journos

MSNBC’s Brian Williams: “When do we reach toxicity?”

MSNBC analyst Nicolle Wallace: “We are already there. We are chocking on it.”

Trump is like a ‘strung out’ Elvis…

“Trump sounds exactly like strung out Elvis when he used to spend half of his show trying to convince the crowd he wasn’t strung out.” — Peter Ogburn, executive producer, The Bill Press Show.

Overheard in the newsroom…

“I could get more graphic but I don’t want to get weird here.” — Anonymous.

Twitter exec: Trump could be educational 

“The upside to Trump’s empty legal threat is that people might gain a better understanding of libel & defamation, 2 terms used recklessly.” — Nu Wexler, public policy of communications at Twitter.

Breitbart News is a POS publication 

“Trump vowed to release evidence to discredit sexual assault claims in ‘an appropriate way’ soon. I can’t wait for the Breitbart exclusive.” — Gabby Morrongiello, reporter, Washington Examiner.

Mediaite headline on the Wikileaks email dump…



This is how Trump denies sexual assaulting a female reporter 



And there’s this on Trump’s speech…

“Just a reminder: this Trump speech is from the teleprompter.” — Julia Ioffe, contributing writer, Politico Magazine.

Ex-Jeb Bushie Tim Miller advertises his TV hit 


National political correspondent for Scripps says Trump Twitter kept him up late 


ThinkProgress editor discusses Trump sexually assaulting People reporter 


The Observer 


Evergreen Quote…

“The poop is just gonna keep on coming.” — Whoopi Goldberg, ABC’s The View.