WikiLeaks Continues To Confirm The Worst About Liberal Elites In America

Wikileaks: haak78 / Shutterstock.com

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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“On another matter, do you think it’s weird that of the 15 finalists in Miss America, 10 came from the 11 states of the CSA [Confederate States of America]?”

-WikiLeak e-mail from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta on Sept. 13, 2015

Should we think an accumulation of Southern belles in a beauty contest to be weird or somehow vaguely sinister?  Is the arcane spike in Dixie’s female pulchritude cause for alarm?  Or is it only because enlightened Northern liberals aren’t watching these spectacles anymore so the contest has been fixed to appease the hillbillies who provide the audience?

We should not attribute any burst of perspicacity in Podesta’s startling correlation between the Confederacy and the Miss America contests.  They only seem to be the conspiratorial meanderings of America’s paramount backroom political operative.  Instead of worrying about Obama’s detention camps and the accreting threat from the UN to control the internet, liberals create their own obsessions.

We have learned a great deal about both Clinton and her faithful paladin Podesta from his daily e-mail emissions:  of the extent of their ambition and the reach of their power; of their financial and political influence. Podesta carefully catalogs Clinton’s shortcomings, including a profound dislike of the the common folk she plays to and claims to represent.  Yet he retains his overriding ambition to have Hillary Clinton elected as president of these United States even if he frankly admits not knowing what in Hades she wants to achieve as president.

If there is any consistency in the Podesta e-mail saga it is the apparent desire of this well-connected puppet master to confirm our worst suspicions about the liberal elites.  He appear as a perfect parody of everything conservatives attribute to people like him:  a supercilious and contemptuous elite for whom the American masses are backwater dullards who will never understand what’s good for them, except when a liberal is explaining why the Democratic Party has their best interests at heart.

But speaking of weird, what is assuredly beyond reason is the way that these e-mails have failed to resonate with most of the U.S. media.  While the Clinton campaign continues its efforts to transform Republican nominee Donald Trump into life-long sexual predator resembling a white-version of Bill Cosby, it seems nothing short of a videotape of Clinton or Podesta standing with a smoking gun in hand and regarding the bullet-ridden corpse below them will incite the liberal media to some form of outrage.

How about the growing e-mail evidence that Clinton sold out U.S. uranium interests to the Russians?  Clinton has well-rehearsed talking points on Russia and Vladimir Putin on every occasion that she wishes to suggest Trump has clandestine and nefarious business deals on the burner :  brutal dictatorship, oppresses gays, dangerous foreign policy, blah, blah, controls our uranium.  OK, the uranium bit didn’t make Clinton’s tick list of Russian outrages.

Why would Hillary have approved of the sale of Uranium One to a Russian subsidiary of the Russia’s state atomic energy agency, Rosatom?  Well, it’s all about the bottom line.  So forget all those disparaging remarks that she makes about Putin.     According to another popular WikiLeaks quotation, she really finds the Russian strongman “very engaging and…a very interesting conversationalist.”

Pity you can’t say even that much about Hillary Clinton.