White House Press Sec. Jokes That Trump Is A Coke Head — Gets Exactly ZERO Laughs [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Monday’s White House press briefing, Josh Earnest joked that it’s strange that Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton to take a drug test, considering the sniffling that permeated Trump’s first two debate performances could very well be attributed to cocaine use.

Turned out Obama’s press secretary was the only one who thought that was funny.


“So you’re telling me that the candidate who snorted his way through the first two debates is accusing the other candidate of taking drugs?” Earnest asked in response to a question on the subject. “That’s a curious development.”

“Are you saying now that the sniffling or snorting, as you described it, might have been related to –” a second reporter added before Earnest swooped back in to do damage control.

“Not at all.”

“So, what were you saying?” the reported asked again. “What were you trying to get across?”

“I was just trying to have a little fun,” he conceded. “You guys are so serious today. I was expecting a few more chuckles, but it was probably my delivery.”

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