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Afternoon Mirror: ‘Corey Lewandowski Is An Idiot’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“Fellas are viagra commercial as embarrassing to y’all as tampon commercials are to women?”

— SNL’s Leslie Jones, who got Breitbart News‘ Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos thrown off Twitter after he criticized her film and her weight and his fans hurled disgusting tweets at her.


BREAKING NEWS: Larry King complains about lame breaking news labels on cable news networks

“On cable news, when every story is labeled ‘breaking news’ how do they break *real* “breaking news”? Sigh.” — Larry King, online talk show host.

CNN Analyst Hilary Rosen says Melania’s ‘Billy Bush’ excuse is ‘immature’ 

“Blaming this on Billy Bush is just immature from the Trump family.” — CNN’s Hilary Rosen, a Hillary Clinton supporter, on Don Lemon‘s program Monday night.

And now a word about CNN’s Corey Lewandowski 

“The biggest problem with Corey Lewandowski isn’t that he’s on Donald Trump’s payroll. It’s that he’s an idiot.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

The Mirror receives a Trumpesque text message: “Has a guy ever showed you the nice furniture? It’s a lot better than the regular furniture.”

Journo Love

“Thank you @secupp for constantly reminding us that #Syria isn’t just a 2016 election buzzword. We all need it.” — Politico communications aide Jonathan Yuan.

Politico spokesman Brad Dayspring bitches about the weather 

“82 Degrees today? C’mon. Let us have fall already!!” — Politico‘s Brad Dayspring.

The Observer

“Can I write in Jack Daniels for President?” — Beth Baumann, independent publicist.

Trotting out Melania was a mistake, says ABC analyst

“If this Melania interview was a campaign strategy decision, then whomever made it should be out looking for work.” — Mathew Dowd, chief political analyst, ABC News.

Politico Glenn Thrush’s former coworker comes to his defense 

“I worked with @GlennThrush long before HRC ran for the WH. This was his practice then, too. Nothing wrong and a lot right with accuracy.” — Tim Grieve, VP of News for McClatchy in reaction to THIS DAILY CALLER story.


But some reporters are not buying his excuse…

ESPN’s Dan Szymborski: Huge difference between confirming information with subject of a story and providing them the piece. …If I ever acted in this manner, I can’t think of any editor I know who would be willing to work with me again.

The Hill‘s Joe Concha: I think the common question is, if your practice is common, why ask Podesta not to tell anybody you were doing it?

Viewer likes CNN analyst’s hair color 


Columnist/author budgets for eye masks (and future breast masks)?  



Fashion Police 


Montel Mean Tweets

“Dear Trumpettes: You are assholes supporting a spray tanned asshole. Sincerely, Marine who doesn’t drink Kool Aid.”

Montel Williams, Twitteractivist, medicinal pothead, ex-talk show host.