Congressional Candidate Alleges ‘Massive Voter Fraud’ By Non-Citizens

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Republican Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough said in a press release Friday “that Maryland will be in victim of massive voter fraud in the upcoming election.”

McDonough, a candidate in Maryland’s second congressional district, pointed to an investigation by the Virginia Voters Alliance (VVA) in Frederick County that resulted in a 2014 lawsuit against the the Maryland Board of Elections and the Frederick County Board of Elections.

The plaintiffs said in their complaint that a comparison of jury service lists and voter registration lists found a large number of non-citizens who were registered to vote in Frederick County. The VVA ended up voluntarily withdrawing their lawsuit.

McDonough’s press release said that the findings of the VVA’s investigation “means the law is not being enforced and the violators are not being punished.”

“The system is broken and some public figures may need to be called on to provide answers. Remember, at the federal level, these violations are a felony. Multiplying the number of non-citizen voters discovered in Frederick County by the other 23 sub-divisions brings us to the conclusion that the number of non-citizen voters could be in the thousands in Maryland,” the release continued on to say.

The statement added that: “It is hard to believe in this day and age with modern technology, the non-citizens are voting unlawfully. It is even more difficult to believe that these unlawful voters are getting away with this violation and are remaining on the voter’s rolls. This scandal is a form of suppression of voters’ rights. Our votes are being cancelled or diluted by a non-citizen who is voting at the same time.”

McDonough will be sending a “letter of complaint to the State Prosecutor’s office requesting that they summon information from all Jury clerks in every sub-division requiring them to provide any information related to non-citizens being called to Jury Duty and rejected.”

The Maryland state delegate will as well be “providing this information to his opponent in this current election and requesting that Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger [the Democratic incumbent] contact Maryland U.S. Attorney Rosenstein to investigate this matter because it is a violation of federal law.”

“I am asking Congressman Ruppersberger to join me in a partnership to protect the voting rights of Maryland’s citizens,” McDonough stated.

The Daily Caller reached out to Rep. Ruppersberger’s office to see if they had comment on McDonough’s release and statement.

Jamie Lennon, Ruppersberger’s communications director, said: “Pat McDonough raised these same allegations several years ago and has yet to produce credible evidence. We have complete faith in our Governor and our local elections officials that we will not have voter fraud in the State of Maryland. If Pat can produce substantiated evidence, we will support our Governor and local elections officials in all efforts to prevent voter fraud in the upcoming election.”