DNC Chair Donna Brazile Now Symbolizes Democratic Corruption

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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With all the stuttering and sputtering – all “on the record” mind you – from Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile, she has unwittingly become the poster woman of Democratic Party corruption, the very emblem of what’s wrong with this political picture.

Brazile was being interviewed on Fox’s The Kelly File following Wednesday night’s torrid presidential debate, after WikiLeaks e-mails showed how Brazile had fed town hall questions to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  Republican nominee Donald Trump had raised the issue during the debate but, as with any suggestion of Democratic rot, he might as well of asked her about the temperatures on Mars.

Host Megyn Kelly has not constructed anything remotely resembling a pro-Trump reputation since the real estate billionaire entered the Republican primaries.  The two had a well-publicized spat over an exchange in one primary debate and despite a well-publicized make-up interview, the sparks still fly between them.

Nonetheless, Kelly stuck to Brazile like velcro while the DNC chairwoman squirmed in her seat, stammered about being a “good Christian woman” who wouldn’t “validate stolen e-mails” that Kelly had taken from “the gutter.”

It was all the more pathetic to watch as Brazile registered a guilty-as-sin façade throughout the tortuous question and answer session.  Kelly ultimately showed far too much leniency, allowing that she “respected” the enervated Brazile and letting her limp off the stage without delivering the coup de grace.

There are thousands of Donna Braziles out there representing the Democratic Party, all of them suggesting that because the WikiLeaks e-mails are hacked that they are somehow inadmissible in the court of public opinion.  Of course this is all nonsense and dangerous nonsense.  What makes the Brazile episode so very pertinent to this presidential election is that it demonstrates beyond any shred of doubt the chronic collusion that now defines the relationship between the mainstream media and the twin towers of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

Nowhere was this bedroom relationship better illustrated then when Clinton-trumpeting MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell declared Brazille innocent of all charges and the Clinton campaign once more exonerated of all suspicion.

Well maybe in her fantasy world.  Not only did the mainstream media assist in the execution of the political crime, they quickly moved towards plausible deniability – just as you might expect form a seasoned politician.

And I guess that is the rather frightening fact.  The mainstream media are increasingly thinking not as critical, questioning, investigative journalists but as uncritical, unquestioning, indolent apologists for the Democratic Party.  If there is any red flag more alarming in this election, it can only be that the party these paid propagandists are supporting is knee-deep in mendacity and corruption.

Even though she cheerfully validated the WikiLeaks in this week’s debate, Hillary refuses to acknowledge so much as the existence of media collusion, calling it all conspiracy.

Well, in an odd way, in a fleeting moment of truth, Clinton said more than she realized by reaching for her right-wing conspiracy cudgel.  As the WikiLeaks demonstrate, there is a conspiracy afoot in the U.S. politics, a conspiracy whereby Democratic operatives control the news that you are seeing, hearing and reading.  A conspiracy need only be defined as a planned operation by two or more people and what the Dems have done with the media certainly fits within that criterion.

The success or failure of that conspiracy will only be known when the American people decide whether they really want their government and the national media working so closely and so unquestionably together.

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