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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Angrily Denies She Is Chasing Ambulances For Hillary

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Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Hyper-kinetic lawyer Gloria Allred is lashing back at the Donald Trump campaign for calling her a “discredited political operative” shilling for Hillary Clinton by representing women accusing him of predatory sexual behavior. She also took offense that some people at The Daily Caller consider her “an ambulance chaser.”     

“That is false and defamatory,” Allred told the Washington Gadfly.

As for the Trump camp’s charge, she said that, “The only person who is discredited is Donald Trump and he has managed to do that to himself.”

Referring to her criticism of Democrats Anthony Weiner and the San Diego mayor who resigned following sexual battery charges, Allred huffed that “the only political operative is the one who wrote this sad and laughable attack for Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, unlike almost all fancy pants journalists who ignore or hang-up on anybody who questions their ethic, Allred has provided a detailed response to the New York Post story about her new porn star client that undermines both their credibility.

The Post reported this weekend that Jessica Drake “who claims Donald Trump forcibly hugged and kissed her — then offered her $10,000 for a romp — launched her online sex shop just one day before leveling the allegations.”

“Jessica’s online store has been in the works for a year. The store went live in September. She tweeted about it on Oct. 12. She has taken down that tweet. The press release was sent by her p.r. company to be published on Friday morning, but when it was sent, Jessica and I had not yet decided to do a press conference on Saturday,” Allred contended. “We did not decide to do that until late Friday afternoon after I spoke to witnesses on Friday who confirmed that Jessica was in the hotel room with Trump and that Jessica had told witnesses about what she alleges had happened between her and Trump. After speaking to witnesses, Jessica and I then decided based on our schedules to do the press conference the next day [Saturday]. We did it then, because that was the only day that Jessica was able to do it. She was scheduled to participate in the Aids Walk in L.A. today [which she did do] and then she was scheduled to leave the country today for several weeks.”

She also said “Jessica” asked her webmaster to remove the website to dispel any notion that she is trying to “profit” from her accusations.

“If she had planned to profit from this, she could have sold her story, (which would have had more details about Mr. Trump), but she chose not to do so, and will not sell or disclose those details now. Jessica is glad that she spoke out and will not be deterred by unwarranted attacks on her by Mr. Trump or his supporters.”

Nothing on Google indicates that any mainstream reporters who covered the accusations even followed up on the New York Post story.

So welcome to the inverto universe of mainstream journalism in the campaign homestretch as reporters feverishly try to destroy Trump’s candidacy and reputation.

Just consider what has unfolded over the last few days.

–The lawyer for one of Trump’s accusers, concerned that newly-reported information about her client could undermine her credibility, puts out a detailed statement in response to anticipated questions from the press. Except nobody asks them anyway!

–The New York Times reporter who gets accused here of violating his own paper’s standards with his story on Jessica “Octopus Woman” Leeds hangs up when questioned. But a civil-rights lawyer, “Serpico,” finds the criticism so searing and troubling feels compelled to offer a detailed response and defense of the story that its own author won’t defend.

–This morning, Serpico offered a colorful response to the Post story that expressed skepticism of Allred’s claims that Drake’s online store is irrelevant. But he also criticized Trump.  Got that? The veteran litigator, was basically evenhanded, expressing skepticism about sides’ spin. That is theoretically what reporters are paid to do but are clearly not.       

“I agree that the fact she started it in September, and is now apparently taking it down, doesn’t altogether negate the argument that she had a financial motive for claiming DT assaulted her,” he said. “On the other hand, Trump’s motive for offering her 10K to come to his room alone is even more obvious. She’s his kind of woman.”

Evan Gahr