Dem Pollster: Clinton ‘May Be Immune To Pay To Play’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Democratic pollster and former Bill Clinton adviser Stanley Greenberg thinks Hillary Clinton may be immune to pay-to-play charges, according to a February 2016 email he sent to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

“She seems indifferent to the systemic corruption that makes it impossible for government to act for the middle class or address big problems, like climate or health care,” Greenberg said. “She may be immune to pay to play, but the system isn’t. She’s got to distinguish between self and country — and needs to.”

Earlier in the email, Greenberg wrote, “She does not talk about what she is for — and presents the whole issue of trust and integrity — surely, Barak Obama and I won’t be influenced by money as we make brave choices.” (Emails: Huma Abedin Intervened To Help Clinton Foundation Donor With Dispute Over Multimillionaire’s Will)


“It is all about trust, though she has less in the bank than the president,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg’s email to Podesta was one of the thousands of stolen from Podesta’s personal email account and published on WikiLeaks. The Clinton campaign has accused Russian hackers of being behind the leaks.

Previous Podesta emails revealed unease within the Hillary Clinton campaign over whether Clinton, who has faced pay-to-play accusations regarding her time as secretary of state, should support the stronger anti-bribery legislation. (RELATED: Anti-Bribery Laws ‘REALLY Dicey Territory’ For Hillary)

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