#DraftOurDaughters Is The Perfect Hashtag For Today’s Military Social Engineering


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The sharp divide in foreign policy and military action abroad between GOP presidential nominee and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has prompted the internet to come up with a series of hilarious memes skewering Clinton for her strident progressivism and military adventurism.

The new trend under the hashtag #DraftOurDaughters appears to have taken serious hold Thursday evening, culminating in a community user’s post on BuzzFeed attributing the hashtag and set of memes to the official Clinton campaign as part of the troll.

“I wonder what Donald will have to say about this one… I’m sure my wife would be proud to stand up to Russia’s homophobic and Christian ways. #ImWithHer #EnlistForHillary #DraftOurDaughters,” user TylerBrandon wrote.

As of Friday morning, the hashtag is still trending.

That post has since gone viral and further spurred the creation of more memes poking fun at social engineering in the military. Generally, the memes combine Clinton’s aggressive stance on Russia in Syria with previous efforts this year by progressives to open up the draft to women, given that the Obama administration repealed the ban on women serving in combat roles in December 2015.

In June, Clinton said she supported women being required to register for the draft, cementing the gains the Obama administration made in terms of changing the military to come more into alignment with progressive goals. Last week, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus conducted a “thank you” tour to laud his social engineering accomplishments, including turfing Navy job titles altogether to rid the service of gender discrimination and upsetting the entire service in the process.

Clinton’s stance was brought into sharp relief earlier this week after Trump said explicitly that Clinton’s foreign policy would lead to World War III. She reiterated her policy of a no-fly zone in Syria at the third and final presidential debate, although chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, for example, has said recently that a no-fly zone in Syria would lead to war with Russia.

Here’s a selection of the best from #DraftOurDaughters on Twitter.

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