What’s Behind Comey’s Re-Opening The Hillary Investigation?

William Jurs Freelance Writer
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Speculation abounds about why Hillary Clinton is so loyal to Huma Abedin, not all of it savory, and why Hillary hasn’t dropped her after all the exposed Weiner scandals.

Hillary Clinton certainly keeps strange company, but no more so than Bill, who traveled on billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the ‘Lolita Express,’ twenty-six times to Orgy Island where underage sex workers are said to cater to the rich and powerful.

Weiner is the poor man’s Bill Clinton.

Have the ruling class backers of the Clintons finally had enough of their blatant corruption, greed, graft and sordid sexual self-indulgence? This is really tarnishing their reputation, and they can’t be happy about rewarding such behavior. Being political water-carriers for the billionaire class requires discretion, if not morality. The vice by which politicians can be controlled is only useful if it is kept somewhat under wraps.

As much as the billionaire elite hate one of their own running for office, as that role is traditionally designated to the needy cats-paws of consummate acting ability, there’s also no love lost when one of their upstart, vulgar, climbing prole political servants try to parlay that service, through very public and flagrant corruption, into billionaire status. It damages the viability of the whole racket.

The Clintons racked up a quarter-billion dollars that we know about since leaving the White House with nothing but the money in their pockets and America’s silverware and furniture. By the time Hillary ends her first term or is impeached, that number could swell to half a billion. Chelsea, as only child that we know of, could well reach billionaire status. The rotten apple doesn’t fall for from the tree.

The ruling class in America is not monolithic. There are multiple factions and some are less enamored with Hillary than others. Are cooler heads finally prevailing, ones which realize Hillary Clinton is bad news for America Inc. and its shareholders, as much as they distrust Trump?

Or is Obama fed up with Hillary and wary of the damage she’ll wreak on his already shaky legacy? He specifically instructed her not to deal with Sidney Blumenthal, her one-man intel shop, and she did so behind his back on her private server. Is he dropping her by giving Comey the go ahead here?

Or is this Comey’s own move, fearing the backlash of his troops, the verdict of history, and the potential charges a Trump special prosecutor may bring against him? Or was he playing deep cover all along, waiting for the opportune moment to unload on Hillary, long hated by lawmen throughout the country?

With three of the most reliable election forecasters in the country betting on a Trump victory, plus (size) Michael Moore, (all pre-FBI Friday), the retribution for establishment protection of Hillary, both in direct legal liability and indirect damage to the elite relationship with the public, may be great.

The polling agencies, long massaging their numbers to boost Hillary and suppress Donald, now must tweak their methodologies back to soundness so they don’t Gallup themselves out of the polling business.

We’re not out of the woods yet, and this could turn out to be a whole lot of nothing, but if it is the killshot for the Clinton campaign, it will mean people high up had had enough of her, in a decision reminiscent of the scene in Casino where the bosses finally decide to dispatch hothead mobster Nicky Santoro when enough was enough. Perhaps the elites have decided they’ve used Hillary up, and enough is enough.

Speaking of damaged goods, Anthony Wiener is a prime example of how using morally compromised politicians, who can be controlled through blackmail, can blow up in the faces of the controllers, just as blocking the will of the voters cycle after cycle leads to the unintended consequence of a large pool of non-voters who can swing elections when an outsider breaks in.

Just as propping up market bubbles with easy money eventually runs out of efficacy, resulting in an even greater crash than in its absence, so also short-term strategies for permitting elite deviance have definite long-term unintended consequences that are now coming home to roost.

Trump, despite everything thrown at him, seems more and more poised to win, and it may be that the realists among the ruling class have decided to make a deal with the dealmaker to assure their more crucial interests, and to give the country a respite from the disgust we’ve been forced to stomach for too many years.

After the Bush years, public discontent was supposed to be discharged by the hope and change candidate Obama. But the new boss was same as the old boss, and the can was kicked down the road. Hillary Clinton is bad news right now, and many of the elites know it. Was an executive decision made?

Strap in — November 8th is going to be a bumpy one. Millions of neurotic and potentially violent people who think Hillary is a shoe-in are ready to burn things they didn’t build when they don’t get their way. Avoid public places after voting.