Enviro-Activists Offer Wish List Of Anti-Oil Nuts For Clinton’s Cabinet

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Environmental extremists are foisting a wish-list of anti-fossil fuel all-stars on Hillary Clinton in the event the Democratic presidential nominee becomes president.

Greenpeace USA and 350.org, among other groups, are pressuring Clinton, if she wins the presidency, to front-load her cabinet with a hodgepodge of fringe climate activists, Politico reported Friday. They want the former secretary of state to throw them a bone on anti-fracking issues.

The push is likely a result of comments Clinton made to union members in September, suggesting she supports the fracking industry and believes anti-fracking extremists should “get a life.” The remarks were publicized by WikiLeaks, which illegally hacked accounts of Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

She doubled down on her support for the industry later in the discussion, telling those in attendance that she wants “to defend repairing and building the pipelines we need to fuel our economy. I want to defend fracking under the right circumstances.”

Greenpeace wants the Democratic nominee to finally admit her opposition to the oil and gas industry.

“We want the Cabinet choices to demonstrate that we’re heard, when behind closed doors we’re told to ‘get a life,'” said one environmentalist, who is still angry about the hacked emails that revealed Clinton mocking greens in private comments to union members. “We know that we’re getting out the vote for a candidate who actively dislikes us.”

Their picks are a grab bag of fringe characters, most of whom have made their way as fervent oil pipeline opponents.

They floated the idea of Arizona Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva becoming Clinton’s Secretary of the Interior. He would become the first congressman to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary — the shine eventually waned after he switched his endorsement to Clinton in June.

Another activist suggested Jane Kleeb, an extremist leader of the grassroots anti-Keystone XL movement, would make a good leader in the Clinton administration. She was elected the Nebraska Democratic Party’s chairwoman and is staked with growing the party’s numbers.

They are also actively pushing fossil fuel proponents away from the Democratic nominee.

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s possible nomination is also being targeted for extinction. The Colorado Democrat has long been loathed by activists for defending fracking and  home state’s oil and gas industry.

Protesters have bird-dogged Hickenlooper recently, chanting slogans such as, “We the people of Colorado hold you in contempt,” “We are not going away,” and “No fracking way,” at full volume while parading around the book event at the First Congregational Church in Boulder, Colorado.

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