Exit Polling: Trump Does As Well As Romney With Hispanics And Better With Black Voters

REUTERS/Mike Segar/Carlos Barria/Files

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Donald Trump is tied with Mitt Romney among Hispanic voters and is outperforming him with black voters, according to MSNBC exit polling.

MSNBC exit polling shows Clinton is ahead with black voters 87 percent to 8 percent. President Obama beat Mitt Romney among blacks 93 percent to 6 percent. This means Trump also doubled McCain’s result among black voters from 2008.

Clinton is leading among Hispanics, 65 percent to Donald Trump’s 27 percent. Romney also got 27 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2012, and President Obama got 71 percent.

Among voters under the age of 30, Clinton is leading with 54 percent and Trump has 34 percent. In 2012, Obama got 60 percent of the support of voters under age 30, and Romney got 37 percent of the group’s support.

The MSNBC poll also shows Trump leading strongly among his base of support, non-college educated whites. He is ahead with this group, 65 percent to 29 percent. Among college-graduate voters overall, Trump is getting 40 percent and Clinton is getting 52 percent. Throughout the election cycle, pundits have been pointing at Trump doing poorly among highly-educated Americans.