CNN Guest Practically Pees His Pants Describing ‘Existential And Physical Threat’ Trump Poses To Media [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc | Audience Development Manager

Jason Johnson, political editor for, said Monday that President-Elect Donald Trump may pose an “existential and physical threat” to journalists and minorities.


Johnson first told CNN’s Carol Costello that anti-Trump protesters blanketing the nation “are just saying we are going to be here, and you can’t just walk all over us if you are elected.”

“I also think this,” he continued. “We’ve got to wait to see what these final numbers are for minority voters. The Washington Post did a story earlier this week. They think Trump’s numbers with Latinos might be closer to 20 [percent].”

“I think if the exit polls were wrong all year because people thought Hillary was going to win and Trump ends up winning, we can’t necessarily assume the numbers are right.”

Finally Johnson explained that while he’s “all for laughing” at how Trump shocked the political world, it’s important to remember the threat Trump poses to one of America’s most disenfranchised groups: journalists.

“I’m all for having a good time,” Johnson stated. “But this president could pose an existential and physical threat to press members, to members of minority communities, and we have to remember that as we are laughing about him and thinking he’s silly. He could also potentially be dangerous.”

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