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Yoko Ono Fights Back Against Trump In Song

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I pity past generations who didn’t have access to Yoko Ono’s beautiful music at the tap of a touchpad. Back in the old days, people who wanted to enjoy such soothing sounds had to go to a record store or burn down an animal shelter.

In order to capture all the subtle nuances and powerful emotion in the following a cappella anti-Trump protest song, I encourage you to turn up your volume full-blast. Make sure the neighbors can hear. It’s the only way we’re going to change things.

Thank you, Yoko. Thank you, modern technology. Thank you, gift of hearing.

In addition to its obvious artistic merit, this is a powerful political statement. Who knows, maybe this is the way to stop Trump. After all, it’s how she stopped the Beatles.

I can’t remember… has Yoko ever given us her musical reaction to Obama’s presidency? She wants to give peace a chance, and yet a lot of people have died in Obama’s wars. Apparently, it doesn’t matter because he isn’t a Republican.

Sometimes karma is instant. Sometimes it takes a while. In this case, it’s been eight long years.

(Hat tip: my Australian mate Tim Bleah)