How To Promote Small Business Today, On ‘Small Business Saturday’

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Thursday was Thanksgiving. Yesterday was Black Friday. Monday is Cyber Monday. What, then, is today? Today is what we call “Small Business Saturday,” a day set aside for supporting and promoting the small businesses that make up the backbone of this great nation.

Many people across the country want to support small businesses, but unfortunately many small businesses do not have websites to facilitate these transactions. If you own or operate such a business, then you surely need an online presence. And while the prospect of creating a whole website seems daunting, there is now an easy way. There is a website building platform called Shopify, the perfect tool for fulfilling and developing everything your business needs. With Shopify, you can sell and market whatever you want.

Need an example of a successful website built with Shopify? Hillary’s Hammers, this year’s hottest stocking stuffer, is a new business developed with Shopify. If they can do it, so can you.

Try out Shopify here.

Hillary's Hammers can be crab mallets, bottle openers and more (YouTube screenshot)

Hillary’s Hammers can be crab mallets, bottle openers and more (YouTube screenshot)

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