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OSU: Good Guys With Guns Stop Bad Guy With Knife

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It takes just two magic words to quicken the pulse of any liberal in good standing: “active shooter.” Hooray! That’s the signal for our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters to politicize other people’s fear and pain, before anybody actually knows what’s really going on. Like the man said: Never let a crisis go to waste. And if they end up being wrong, so what? The important thing is getting what they want, no matter what it takes.

When is an active shooter not an active shooter? For the answer, let’s go to John Bacon and Tinae A. Bluitt at USA Today:

A man crashed his vehicle into pedestrians on the Ohio State campus Monday, then slashed students with a butcher knife before being fatally shot by a university police officer, authorities said.

Nine people were rushed to hospitals and one was in critical condition, according to university police chief Craig Stone. He said it did not immediately appear that the attacker used a gun.

“We are very fortunate that an OSUPD officer was there and took quick action,” Stone said.

The absence of any guns, other than those wielded by the guys who brought down the attacker, didn’t stop our friends on the left. As Katie Frates notes, those guys heard the phrase “active shooter” and immediately tried to use this attack for political advantage. This incident just proved their point about gun control… until it didn’t.

I’m sure they’d be embarrassed right now, if they had any sense of shame.

But it gets even worse for our pals on the left who know everything about everything:

Somali refugee, you say?

Listen closely. That sound you hear is this story going away. Wave bye-bye to the inconvenient story, everybody. Bye-bye.

Nine people were injured at OSU, but nobody died except for the knife-wielding Somali refugee who was trying to kill a bunch of people. If that’s a relief to you, if you’re grateful that it wasn’t any worse, then you’re not a very good Democrat.

P.S. Well, there goes any possible motive. Guess we’ll never know.

Scrap the “gun control” narrative. Time for the “Muslims fear backlash” narrative.

P.P.S. Never mind. Totally different name. Whew.

And you realize whose fault this is, right? Right.