Thank You, Jill Stein

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Bill Wilson Board Member, Americans for Limited Government
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Over the long holiday weekend, the radical left and their poodles in the Democrat Party announced a move to force recounts in the Presidential election in three states; Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  The move, endorsed and supported by Madame Clinton, received breathless coverage from a corrupt mainstream media that is still in deep shock over the defeat of their globalist apparatchik.

What the instigator of this futile move, Mrs. Clinton and the media do not understand is that they are doing Donald Trump and the American people a huge favor.  Yes, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who is formally calling for the recounts, has collected millions of dollars from grieving leftists across the country.  She is building a donor file that will enable her to pay for the recounts but also form a funding base with which she and her ilk can attack the few remaining rational people inside the Democrat Party structure.  So, thank you, Jill Stein, for seizing the opportunity to build infrastructure that will push the Democrat Party further to the Left and over the cliff.

But the benefits don’t stop there.  Given the cumbersome process of recounting millions of votes in three large, industrial states, it is possible that the mandated meeting of the Electoral College on December 19 will fail to elect a President.  With the 46 votes of the three states not being counted, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton will receive the required 270 votes.  So, what happens then?

In early January when the 115th Congress is sworn into office, one of the first orders of business will be the election of President and Vice-President.  The Senate is sure to elect Mike Pence and the House is a lock to elect Donald Trump.  But, look at how Trump will be elected.  Each state gets one vote and a winner must get 26 votes.  So, how many votes will Trump get?  There are 30 states that voted for Trump that have Republican majorities in their delegation.  There are two more states, Colorado and Virginia, where a majority of the delegation is Republican but the state voted for Clinton.  So, assuming Colorado and Virginia are let off the hook, Donald Trump will be elected President with 30 votes to Clinton’s maximum possible of 18 votes.

Some will say this is a useless exercise, but I disagree.  This is how the Founders intended it to be.  The Executive is not elected by majority vote, it is elected by the states.  The Congressional vote will show in stark detail that there are sovereign states that make up the United States; that despite eight years of Obama working to “transform” the situation, we are not and never were a nation ruled over by an executive tyrant.  This demonstration to the people is a tremendous opportunity to drive home the point that we are a federal republic and what that means.  So, thank you Jill Stein, for giving us the ultimate “teachable moment” to destroy the concept of the totalitarian unitary state.

And finally, the venal attempt to stall the formal election process and rake in millions of dollars from deluded partisans has one additional benefit to the country.  There have been literally thousands of articles and opinion pieces published claiming that Donald Trump must not “go too far,” that he must let Clinton off the hook for her multiple felonies, that he can in fact work with the structure of the Democrat Party.  All he needs to do, this simpering line of “advice” goes, is play nice, give the globalists something, don’t rock the boat.  The grassroots — the tens of millions of Americans who elected Trump and hate the professional GOP — will just have to sit down and shut up.  We, the “professionals” know what is best.

Jill Stein, and by her aggressive posture forcing Hillary Clinton to join her, have shown Donald Trump and the American people that the left and their internationalist-masters have no intent to give one inch.  They have one goal, the destruction of Donald Trump and the people who stand with him.  America is their target and enemy. Even a child can see that exporting tens of millions of jobs, importing millions of illegal aliens to lower wages and corrupt our systems, and slavish adherence to a globalist agenda of surrender of nationhood is nothing more than suicide.

By making this contest stark and clear, Jill Stein has undercut the whispering snakes that would pollute the Trump administration’s thinking.  So, for exposing the truth of the real battle, thank you, Jill Stein.

So, let Stein and her radical leftist cronies collect millions of dollars because most of it will be deployed against the Democrat Party structure.  Let her force the election into the House of Representatives.  The people will get a lesson in federalism that otherwise would never have been available.  And let the globalists make clear to Donald Trump and his incoming Administration the true nature of the fight.  It will only put more steel — U.S. made by the way — into their resolve.  So, for all of these reasons, Thank you, Jill Stein, keep it up.

Bill Wilson is a member of the board of directors of Americans for Limited Government.