This Guy Shooting A Bunch Of Rounds Of .223s Makes Me Want A Ballistic Plate For Christmas

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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A while back, the Daily Dealer reviewed BulletSafe’s bulletproof’s vests. Saying they were impressive is an understatement. (You can watch that video review here). I came away from the experience desperately wanting a BulletSafe bulletproof vest.

Then, I saw this new video in which the CEO of BulletSafe tests out his bulletproof plates, both his regular ceramic plate and the ultra lightweight Alpha plate.

WATCH Tom Nardone Shoot Bulletproof Plates With Rounds Of .223s:

For reference, here are the plates:

The ceramic ballistic plate costs $169 (Photo via BulletSafe)

The ceramic ballistic plate costs $169 (Photo via BulletSafe)

BulletSafe Bulletproof Ballistic Plate — $169

The Alpha costs $299 (Photo via BulletSafe)

The Alpha costs $299 (Photo via BulletSafe)

The BulletSafe Alpha Plate, Ultralight Ballistic Plate — $299

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