Not Energetic

(Image: Energy.gov.)

Paul H. Yarbrough Freelance Writer
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The Department of Energy (guffaw, guffaw) stated it will not comply with Donald Trump’s request for names of people (presumably paid by our taxes–sorry–our I.O.Us.) who have worked on climate change. Apparently, other than the usual suspects– Ducky Lucky, et al–no one knows who they are.

DoE Director of Public Affairs (he can’t just be paid by us he’s got to have some dang hoity- toity title) professional government employee Eben Burnham-Snyder said. “Our career workforce, including our contractors and employees at our labs, comprise the backbone of (the Energy Department) and the important work our department does to benefit the American people.” Important work? Labs?  What important work? The DoE has never found a barrel of oil or cubic foot of gas. And to my knowledge it has never generated a watt let alone a kilowatt of power.

And what in the double damnation does the DoE need with labs? Is it studying the nature of energy itself? Since it generates none it doesn’t sell any, and it since it doesn’t resell any it never buys any. So, what’s left? To simply contemplate energy in its (our)labs. And if by the “American people” Burnham-Snyder means an amalgamation of human flesh as opposed to countable men and women then separate me and let me solve my own energy problems and stop with your efforts to benefit me. You bureaucrats have done enough for me. Leave me alone. Leave me alone!  It’s bad enough you have robbed me; for God’s sake, please just leave me alone…

Insofar as those labs are concerned I pray that it was only phraseology and not a literal laboratory, or worse a plural number that the government had built for your use. Good grief, if you folks are suggesting Al Gore-inspired preternatural occurrences about ocean risings as a result of arctic ice melting than you flunked sixth grade science and I cringe at what foolhardiness you might establish in a multimillion-dollar facility (most of these so-called green people flunked, as well, thermodynamics 101). And with nuclear material, who knows?

Burnham-Snyder further added that the request “left many in our workforce unsettled.” Oh mercy. Bureaucrats who are unsettled. A federal employee can’t be removed with a crow bar, an atomic bomb, or a regiment of personal injury lawyers, but these guys are unsettled. And how do you unsettle an agency with more employees than Exxon-Mobile or more Marines who landed on Iwo Jima. An agency that wasn’t necessary for two hundred years until the electricity of Jimmy Carter was thrust upon us! The Christmas lights were turned off and we got the DoE. Pass the peanuts and praise the Lord!

It appears that Governor Rick Perry will head up the Energy Department in the Trump administration. This, of course is the department Governor Perry forgot in his infamous memory lapse during Republican debates of which departments he would eliminate. Too bad everybody can’t forget them along with their bandit brothers, i.e. Departments of Commerce, Education, Transportation, Homeland Security, Agriculture, ad bureau ad nauseam.

None of these bloated federal payoff slots do anything the title indicates (not even the treasury–there ain’t no money in it). They are simply unemployment lines without the unemployed. They sell their usefulness to the unfortunate creatures who can be duped and to whom Jesse Watters has found a cottage industry of entertainment.