Washed-Up Celebrities Demand GOP Electors Dump Trump; Guess Who They Voted For? [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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For the entirety of her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton maintained a massive collection of A-list endorsers from the entertainment industry. She capitalized on this trend in a liberally-tinged get-out-the-vote video and a pastel-colored rendition of the hackneyed anthem “Fight Song.”

This strategy didn’t work. Even though the entire administration of President Josiah Bartlett from “West Wing” campaigned with Hillary, the actual White House went to Donald Trump.

That didn’t stop a shady organization named “Unite For America” from calling upon Hollywood to beg GOP electors not vote for Trump. This time, it was mostly lower-tier, washed-up celebrities who answered the call, although Martin Sheen did reprise his role as a fake president shilling for a failed presidential contender.

We investigated the political leanings of these celebrities. You won’t believe what we discovered.

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