Democrats Still Trying To Figure Out How To Handle Trump

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Members of the Democratic Party nationwide are unsure of how to effectively oppose President-elect Donald Trump, according to a Sunday report from the New York Times.

Party leadership can’t decide how to battle the incoming president, but they do know they can’t win against Trump on Twitter. Some House Democrats want to oppose Trump on his jobs agenda, still others prefer to assert Trump’s cabinet picks betray a lack of commitment to his populist message during the campaign.

“I think it’s a dangerous game to chase every new outrage,” Democrat Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii told the Times. “We’re going to have to make the case that voters were sold a bill of goods and this is a hard-right president and hard-right Congress.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton proved that a normal course of action doesn’t work against Trump. Clinton’s final ad campaign focused on Trump’s comments about women, as well as other statements the Republican made against reporters, other politicians, and celebrities.

“We’re going to need to be smarter than just talking about how bad he is,” Democratic mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend said in an interview with the Times.

Other Democrats agree, with Florida party committee member Mitch Ceasar asserting, “We can complain all day about every stupid tweet, but the bottom line is that’s not going to change anything. We have to have precision and be narrow in our scope.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi led Democrats from “Clinton firewall” states like Michigan and Wisconsin in a push to hammer Trump on what was arguably his strongest point in the days after his election: Jobs.

“We stand here willing to work with the President-elect on jobs,” Pelosi said during a press conference Tuesday. “He hasn’t shown us a plan, and we intend to hold him accountable for the promises he made during the campaign.”

Trump made the news over the past month through individually-negotiated deals with Carrier, Ford, and other manufacturers to keep jobs within the borders of the United States. Trump also drastically changed the stock price of Lockheed Martin when he tweeted out a potential change in governmental ordering when he takes office.

Trump’s popularity continues to increase in favor-ability polling, and confirmation hearings in the Senate will likely go his way, with Republicans solidifying support behind Trump’s pick for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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