Bernie Sanders Tweets — And Then Deletes — Insane Economic Claim About America’s Poor People

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

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Vermont senator and failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to believe America has the worst relationship with poor people in the entire world.

“In terms of our relationship with poor and working people, America’s record is worse than virtually any other country on earth,” Sanders claimed on Twitter Thursday.

Sanders later deleted the tweet. His Twitter biography claims his tweets are sent by staff members.

Sanders has long struggled with the truth regarding the state of America’s poor people relative to the rest of the world.

In fact, America’s poor people are well off relative to the rest of the world.

Research by the Mises Institute, an economically-focused think tank, found that America’s poor people are better off than middle class people in much of Europe.

Similarly, Pew Research found that as of 2011, 88 percent of Americans qualify as either upper-middle class or “high income.”

“And many Americans who are classified as ‘poor’ by the U.S. government would be middle income globally,” Pew notes(RELATED: Bernie’s Poverty Delusion: America’s Poor Are Richer Than Europe’s Middle Class)

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