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People don’t consume enough fiction anymore.

A good novel is something that sucks you away from the trials of real life. Whether that’s crazy politics or a rough day at work, a compelling story takes the reader from their woes and immerses them in a fantastical world.

I had the pleasure recently of reading a series that did just that.

It’s an Italian time travel series; the first book is called, “The Other Side of Heaven,” the second, “Time Enough for Love.”

These are novels that would have caught my eye in a Borders bookstore. One of the sadder memories of my childhood was the ultimate demise of that fantastic chain. I used to harass my poor dad to drag me there every chance I got, and generally he was happy to oblige. He didn’t shower me in frivolous baubles, but he was always happy to spend money on books — something I will forever be grateful to him for.

I spent hours digging through the rows and rows of fresh spines until my arms were full of novels I wanted to devour. We would buy them, go home, and within the week I’d have read them all.

This series is one that I know would have made me pause as I scanned a shelf. In only its title and synopsis, it hooks the reader with promises of adventure, drama and love. It delivers on all of those promises, too. Protagonist Gwendolyn Godwyn and Alberto Uzzo capture you with their wonderfully developed personalities, motivations and desires. The story line is unique and refreshing, offering a historically mesmerizing telling of a girl taken far, far away from home.

And if you don’t trust me, trust the awards the series received. It was a top 10 finalist in The Orange Rose Contest in 2010. It took second place in The Golden Rose Contest in 2009 for mainstream novel with strong romantic elements category. “What a wonderful story! You have a delightful voice. There is little to quibble with here and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to read your submission,” a judge wrote of “The Other Side of Heaven.” “I hope that you will soon find representation and get ‘the call.'”

Those aren’t the only books the authors, Cary Morgan and Deborah O’Neill Cordes, have written that won awards.

Make sure to check out their website, where you can discover some of the other awesome series they’ve written.

Editor’s Note: Cary Morgan is my mother

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