Ted Cruz Dunks On Deadspin On Twitter

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Kyle Morel Contributor
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In an era when many politicians turn to social media as a way of attracting support, it appears Ted Cruz earned himself a big win Tuesday night.

Cruz’s Twitter account replied to a post from sports website Deadspin asking for proof that the Texas senator and recent GOP presidential candidate actually plays basketball — a reference to a Politico story mentioning him starting a weekly game in the Russell Senate Office Building.

Cruz, alluding to his striking resemblance to Duke hoops star Grayson Allen, was ready with a response:

Deadspin reacted to the tweet in a … well, in a less-than-polite manner:

Cruz hit back with a gif from the movie “Anchorman.”

The conversation was viewed by many on Twitter as a win for Cruz, whose perceived lack of personality has long been a problem for him. It remains to be seen whether this will boost the senator’s popularity going forward, but “winning the internet” is certainly a step in the right direction.