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Rod Blagojevich’s Daughter To Obama: Thanks For Nothing, Jerk

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Or: Blago’s Baby Girl Blasts Barack for Big-House Abandonment

Remember when Rod Blagojevich tried to sell Obama’s empty Senate seat to the highest bidder? And remember how we were all supposed to believe that Obama rose from the fetid swamp of Chicago politics without getting a drop on ‘im? Well, Barry definitely didn’t want to remind anybody about that floppy-haired felon before leaving office. Out of all the creeps he pardoned on his way out, Blago wasn’t one of them. And Blago’s daughter is pissed.

Kim Janssen, Chicago Tribune:

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s 20-year-old daughter [Amy] on Thursday wrote an angry open letter to former President Barack Obama, saying she lost respect for him after he declined to commute her father’s 14-year federal prison sentence before he left office…

“You didn’t have to pardon him, only commute the sentence. You just had to let him come home. You didn’t. You released others, like Chelsea Manning or FALN terrorists, who actually committed reprehensible crimes, but you failed to release an innocent man.”

I wouldn’t go so far as to call Blago “innocent.” But then, he’s not my dad.

She makes a good point, though. Is what Blago did any worse than the crimes of the traitorous and genetically male Bradley Manning? Is Blago any more of a villain than Oscar Lopez Rivera? He didn’t kill anybody. He didn’t put any American lives in danger. He just tried to make a little deal under the table. Yet those scumbags will walk the streets while he languishes in prison.

Blago isn’t eligible for parole until 2024, which would give him just enough time to hit the campaign trail for the Democrats. Just imagine: Pence vs. Blago. Indy vs. Chi-Town. I could go for that!