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Vox Wants To Cancel The Oscars

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And I’m trying to think of a downside…

Todd VanDerWerff, Vox:

President Donald Trump’s new immigration order — the one many have labeled a “Muslim ban” because it temporarily bars entry to the US for natives of seven Muslim-majority countries — stops people associated with various Oscar-nominated films from attending the 2017 Academy Awards. That’s just one reason the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should cancel its annual ceremony and instead announce the winners via press release.

That’s just one reason. Here are some other reasons:

  1. The Oscars are boring
  2. The Oscars are arbitrary
  3. A lot of black people are nominated for Oscars this year, an obvious appeasement to the people shrieking #OscarsSoWhite for the past few years, so it would be funny to watch all the SJWs freak out
  4. I’m really tired of hearing about the Oscars
  5. Oscars = Stinky

Cancelling the Oscars wouldn’t solve anything, but at least we wouldn’t have to put up with the Oscars. It’ll never happen, because there’s too much money and too many egos at stake. But it’s fun to think about.


(Hat tip: Twitchy)