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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Asks For Bannon’s Future Crimes

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“A pox on all PR emails sent with high importance. BAD.”

Kelsey Snell, congressional reporter, WaPo.



Benny Johnson: I got the Supreme Court judge thing FIRST damn it!

“Hi. I’m Benny.

Had this scoop at 2PM.

Sorry y’all didn’t wanna pick up.

Maybe next time.”

Benny Johnson, creative director, IJR.

The Observer

“I mean, you’d think after the 9th Goldman Sachs pick we’d drop the Trump Populism shtick.” — Eric Boehlert, Media Matters, a “news” site that is an arm of the Democratic Party.

Daily Life Shit 

“NEWS ALERT: Secret Service confirms a suspicious package near the White House. More info to come. #fox5dc”

Humblebrag AND First World Problems 

“Love that feeling when you know you have a really good story from 2015 buried somewhere in the internet and can’t find it.” — Aaron Mehta, Defense News.

WaPo reporter wonders why anyone on left would appear on Tonight With Tucker Carlson

“I am confused why anyone — especially anyone on the left — would ever agree to do Tucker Carlson’s show.” — WaPo political reporter Ashley Parker.

The Braggart

“Some things IJR was 1st on since the election:

-Ivanka cold calling congressmen to craft childcare bill

-that damn painting

-SCOTUS nom”

Joe Perticone, IJR.

To ban or not to ban…

“Trump Sat: It’s a ban
Spicer Sun: It’s a ban
Conway Sun: It’s a ban
Trump Mon: It’s a ban
Spicer Mon: It’s a ban
Spicer Tues: It’s not a ban”

Brad Jaffy, NBC News, senior news editor and writer.

Lefty journo trash talks top Donald Trump babysitter Steve Bannon 

“I wonder what Steve Bannon will eventually get locked up for? Feel free to send predictions.” — John Ladarola, cohost of “The Young Turks” on Fusion.

Almost as bad as imagining your parents having sex

“I called my mother on the telephone. We couldn’t talk long, though: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY started on television and *she had to go*.” — Matthew Clayfield, AM, PM, and The World Today, in Sydney, Australia.

Ellen‘s producer really hates Trump

“No single person has done more to help the recruitment efforts of ISIS more than President Donald Trump. Period.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.


“As the world turns darker, i retreat further and further into the comfort of british comedies about neurotic failsons.” — Katherine Krueger, Talking Points Memo.

Reporter says woman next to Trump is ‘guarding her crotch’

Tommy Christopher writes for