If The Left Keeps Crying “Wolf,” Protests Won’t Work

Ron Hart Contributor
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Lefties have one go-to reaction to anything that does not fit their narrative: protest. They know if George Soros or any two-bit local malcontent can get 10 lay-about friends together, paint some signs and alert the media, they will get inordinate TV coverage. Apparently you don’t have to say what you are protesting or have a concise message. Just show up in perpetual outrage (maybe a “vagina hat” would make a nice statement).  As long as you are yelling about Trump, you will be captured on TV.

The problem these folks have now is that they march about everything Trump does. They will have no currency left in the bank when Trump inevitably does something really worth protesting. And he will.

But on the bright side, all this marching is a more effective way to fight obesity  than anything Michelle Obama ever accomplished.

Trump is fulfilling his clear campaign promise to tap the brakes of immigration from terrorist-prone states, much like Obama did. It’s not a move I favor, but he did promise it. So the left uses its other favorite move: clogging the court system to slow anything it doesn’t like.

They went left coast judge shopping and found a sympathetic Washington State judge who wants to get some press to rule against the travel ban. He took the extraordinary step of slapping a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), based on dubious and speculative claims of “harm,” on the president. I think the last TRO against a president happened when Bill Clinton went into a bar on Ladies’ Night.

Now the TRO goes to San Francisco’s far-left Ninth Circus of Appeals. You might as well put it up for a vote at a Cher concert; the outcome will be the same.

The Democrats are slow-walking Trump’s cabinet nominees, so he doesn’t have a loyal Attorney General available yet to fight the case. In a DOJ of highly political, race vigilante holdovers from Obama’s reign, leaks and backstabbing are the defiant orders of the day. Talk about “extreme vetting,” the petulant politicians on the left are taking forever to interview Trump’s appointees. They should have spent as much time at the DNC vetting their own cyber security company.

A lot of this is semantics. If we “X-tream vet” refugees into this country, does it mean they have to listen to a millennial with a skateboard talk for an hour using  the words “amazing,” “literally” and “like,” literally like 500 times? Talk about torture! Most immigrants would probably turn around and go back to their war-torn countries rather than listen to our vapid kids talk.

Protestors were dispatched to airports in supposedly “spontaneous” protests to whine about the temporary travel ban. The protests ended quickly, however, as these are not the type of people who can afford airport food prices for long.

It is funny to watch Trump move so fast that protestors cannot keep up with him. He really doesn’t give a $*$&$# about the protestors. He is the Honey Badger of politics (watch the YouTube video if you haven’t). Irrelevant entertainers protesting just fuel him, and the nation cheers.

On the bright side, with Trump making all the news so quickly now, we have heard hardly a peep from the Kardashians.

The planned appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos, a well-known, gay, right-wing writer for Breitbart, upset the snowflake college students at Cal Berkeley and sparked violent protests. Polls show that only 41% of college students believe in free speech if it is offensive. They don’t understand that that is what free speech is about. Their leftist instincts are to attack it and shut it down — not exactly informed debate.

Kids today think they should get free college, free student loans, free health care, etc. But they think free speech should not be free. This is the generation our education system has raised for us, and it is in part why Trump was elected.

At play here is the dynamic by Sally Yates, the Washington State judge, or anyone who criticizes Trump: They become instant celebrities to progressives. At their core, Democrat protestors do so to flatter themselves. They essentially are trying to say that they are tolerant, kind and great, but it is actually all about them. If they really could get rid of government cronyism, hunger, poverty, and government-dependent welfare recipients, and get these folks independence through a job, they wouldn’t. Those are the only voters the Democrats have left.

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