O’Reilly Rejects Media’s Watergate Comparisons

Ian Mason Contributor
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Bob Woodward, Washington Post editor and co-author of the watershed “Deep Throat” reports on the Watergate break-in, joined Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday to discuss the rampant media speculation that a scandal of similar magnitude might be brewing for the Trump Administration.


“Here’s my reaction,” Woodward told O’Reilly, “…as you know Bill, people in the White House always mislead somebody on something. That that became a firing offense, does not make sense to me.”

Woodward speculated that this is what is driving media speculation. “All my alarm bells went off, why is he gone for this? And I think alarm bells went off for lots of reporters.”

O’Reilly gave his take. “Alarm bells are one thing, dopey speculative questions to Trump haters is quite something else. On one of our competitors, they got nine people…and they go down with the ‘this is Watergate’” he said. “If I was you,” he told Woodward referencing his famous reporting in the 1970s, “I’d sue anybody saying this is Watergate.”

“They have nothing to back it up, it’s all crazy speculation. And that’s what we’re getting into in this country.”

Woodward suggested the best course going forward for the Trump Administration would be to allow an open investigation and release certain documents relating to the affair. “Believe me, this is going to fester for weeks and months if there are not answers to very serious questions.”