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Afternoon Mirror: Find Out Which U.S. Newspaper Is ‘The Pulse Of Paradise’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Yes, I do journalism professionally. But I have a strong sideline in random public vomiting.”

Marketplace‘s Lizzie O’Leary.











The Daily Dig: WaPo‘s Erik Wemple is still an idiot. Read all about it.

Compliment of the Day… goes to Business Insider’s Josh Barro, for mentioning this amazing newspaper slogan: “The best newspaper slogan is still the Honolulu Star-Adveriser (‘The Pulse of Paradise’)”

Condolences…Alan Colmes dies at 66.

MSNBC reporter appreciates news of life on other planets 

“I didn’t know how badly I needed this news that there is hope for life on other planets.” — Kasie Hunt.

Journo monitors Trump’s tweeting habits 

“Cutting back on Twitter? As of 9AM, no @realDonaldTrump tweets. # of tweets this week:
Mon: 4
Tues: 2
Wed: 2”

Mark Knoller, CBS radio White House correspondent.


“One thing that is baffling to me is that subway cars all have emergency breaks that you should never pull but PEOPLE DO.” — Cate Holderness, BuzzFeed.

Wisdom from Pope Francis

“Do not underestimate the value of example, for it is more powerful than a thousand words, a thousand ‘likes’, retweets or YouTube videos.” — Pope Francis. Hopefully everyone will “like” his tweet.

Journo gets un-friended on Facebook for blue humor 

“A friend of mine un-friended me on FB bc i made a joke about their charity works being an attempt to sleep with someone.” — Mother JonesBen Dreyfuss.

Salon writer is upset about Trump’s reversal on trans bathroom guidelines 

“I have 2 daughters in public school & they would NEVER feel unsafe around their trans friends. Bathroom bills are just about pure hate.” — Mary Beth Williams, Salon writer.

Donny Deutsch and Joe Scarborough display tension on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’

“Donny Deutsch just called Scarborough ‘rude’ for interrupting him and Scarborough told him he doesn’t have to come on his show lol.” — Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner.

Nasty media observer has something mean to say about CNN

“CNN doing DNC Chair debate tonight; pretty sure CNN gave them questions in advance and will have a group hug at the conclusion.” — ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Here’s an idea: Meryl Streep as Donald Trump on SNL 









Overheard in the Newsroom 

“I never thought I’d be a tea drinker. It really soothes the throat.” — Anonymous. Later: “Do you put the teabag in first or the water?”

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