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‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Gets Shut Down Again

(Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

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No offense to noted thespian and artbro Shia LaBeouf, but I’m starting to think that putting up a webcam to protest Donald Trump was a bad idea.

It’s been less than a week since Shia moved hewillnotdivide.us a couple thousand miles west, from NYC to ABQ. Now the live feed has stopped again, and here’s why. Jayme Deerwester, USA Today:

Actor Shia LaBeouf’s livestream protesting the presidency of Donald Trump has been shut down again, but this time it’s by his choice.

“We have taken the stream down after shots were reported in the area,” he explained Thursday morning on Twitter. “The safety of everybody participating in our project is paramount.”

Was it Tuco? Tuco is crazy, man.

Seriously, though, that sucks. This “art project” is stupid and masturbatory, but he has the right to do it. The attention-seekers who are drawn to it, both pro- and anti-Trump, have the right to speak. Nobody needs to get shot over it. Nobody needs to get punched in the face.

This is why we can’t nice things. Or even dumb-but-amusing things. I’ve made a lot of fun of Shia, but I’m genuinely bummed about this. Political violence is wrong.