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The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care Where You Go Potty

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In the Trump era, you can’t tell people to figure stuff out for themselves without making it a federal issue. That’s bigoted and transphobic and other unflattering adjectives. “Keep your laws off my body” applies to everything except public bathroom preference.

That’s why the following is a huge setback for civil rights. Robert Barnes, WaPo:

The Supreme Court on Monday vacated a lower court’s ruling in favor of a Virginia transgender student after the Trump administration withdrew the federal government’s guidance to public schools about a controversial bathroom policy.

The justices were scheduled to hear the case later this month. But after the government’s position changed, the court said the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit should reconsider the dispute between the Gloucester County school board and 17-year-old Gavin Grimm…

Grimm began attending Gloucester High School as a boy during his sophomore year. He has changed his name and has a birth certificate identifying him as a boy.

I didn’t know you could get your birth certificate changed to say something that defies all known facts about human biology. I guess that’s because I hate science.

If this young lady honestly believes she’s male, okay. If she wants to change her official documents to retroactively “prove” her gender, fine. If she wants to use the boys’ restroom, I really don’t give a crap where she takes a crap. But it’s none of the federal government’s business where she does her business, and telling the states to work this stuff out for themselves isn’t bigotry.

You can believe whatever you want about yourself, but you can’t make the rest of us care. Trying to use the force of the federal government to win what you imagine is some sort of civil-rights battle is misguided, and it will only further alienate the people you’re trying to convince.

This isn’t Selma, and you’re not MLK. Get over yourself, sir and/or madam.

Now, can you please pass the toilet paper?