Trump Greeting Visitors At WH Entrance Considered ‘Rare’ Occurrence

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump ditched White House tradition again Friday and greeted a foreign leader at the West Wing portico entrance of the White House.

Despite speculation that a frosty encounter happened — because Trump did not shake the hand of German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a photo op — Trump first met Merkel at the door of the White House, breaking protocol, according to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller.

Normally, according to Knoller, the US Chief of Protocol greeted foreign leaders at the door and then escorted the dignitary to the Oval Office. The Daily Caller sent an inquiry to the White House asking if Merkel is the first foreign leader to receive this treatment or if Trump welcomed other foreign leaders to the White House this way. TheDC is waiting on a response.

This is the sixth White House press conference for Donald Trump. Five of those pressers have been joint briefings with foreign dignitaries. It should be noted that Trump and Merkel did shake hands at the close of their joint presser.

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