After Months Of Waiting, Academics Still Worried Trump Will Trash Climate Data

Andrew Follett | Energy and Science Reporter

College activists will hold “data rescue” event Friday to “save” government climate data from the Trump administration.

Academics and students at Boston’s Northeastern University will systematically explore federal websites to archive climate data just in case the Trump administration deletes it later. Activists have been archiving climate data for months over fears Trump will change or manipulate data to suit his agenda.

But so far, no climate data has been deleted. That hasn’t eased worries among activists.

“The changes we’re seeing reveal how this administration wants to change our understanding of climate change,” Lindsey Dillon, a sociologist who also teaches environmental science at the University of California Santa Cruz, said in a press statement Thursday.

“These broader, systemic changes in language impact how we will think about climate change and the effects of industry on the environment, and whether and how we can trust what the government says,” Dillon said.

President Donald Trump has never given any indication there are plans to order a mass campaign of data manipulation. Claims he intend to do so were originally started by the website Mashable and were spread by environmental journalist Eric Holthaus, who admitted to going to therapy sessions to help cope with Trump’s election win.

It’s not clear how the Trump administration would alter or delete databases created and maintained by career government scientists without massive backlash.

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