Nunes Encourages Whistle-Blowers To Come Forward On Trump Surveillance

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes declined to reveal whether the source who provided him with information that he says proves the Trump transition team was surveilled by the previous administration is a whistle-blower, but he encouraged more people to step forward to his committee if they knew anything.

When asked by The Daily Caller during a press briefing on Capitol Hill if his source was a whistle-blower within the National Security Agency, Nunes responded, “We don’t talk about sources at this committee.”

Nunes continued, “We want more people to come forward, and the thing is — is that we have continued to have people come forward voluntarily to this committee. And we want to continue that, and I will tell you that will not happen if we tell you who our sources are.”

TheDC pressed if the source feared a backlash. Nunes replied, “I’m not going to get into that. We want people to come forward, and we will protect the identity of those people at all costs.”

Nunes was expected to provide documents or a “smoking gun,” Fox News reported Thursday, that would back up his claim made Wednesday regarding the alleged surveillance of the Trump team. Capitol Hill sources told Fox News Nunes received his information from numerous sources.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman announced Wednesday that classified information exists that shows several Trump associates, along with former Trump National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn, were surveilled and later identified. Flynn’s name was later leaked to press outlets.

The surveillance of Flynn reportedly happened “incidentally,” Nunes has said. He reiterated Friday the surveillance of Flynn and other Trump associates were legal operations.

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