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Alex Jones Apologizes For Pizzagate Lunacy

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

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On the same day that Edgar Welch pleaded guilty to weapons charges for “investigating” a Washington, DC pizza place because he believed it was a front for a child-slavery ring, one of the guys who egged him on was publicly apologizing for it. And it’s about time.

Meredith McGraw, ABC News:

Radio host Alex Jones, who helped propagate the fictitious “pizzagate” conspiracy theory that Washington, D.C., pizzeria Comet Ping Pong was a front for a child sex trafficking ring led by John Podesta, apologized to the restaurant owner, James Alefantis…

“In our commentary about what had become known as Pizzagate, I made comments about Mr. Alefantis that in hindsight I regret, and for which I apologize to him. We were participating in a discussion that was being written about by scores of media outlets, in one of the most hotly contested and disputed political environments our country has ever seen,” Jones said in a statement he posted to his website.

Here’s Alex Jones reading the statement. You might not recognize him at first because he’s not yelling:

Of course, this is moot. If you’re not a conspiracy theorist, you never took it seriously in the first place. And if you are a conspiracy theorist, Jones’ apology only serves as further proof that you were right all along. “They got to Alex Jones,” etc. Yeah, good luck with that.

Look, guys, I don’t like Hillary Clinton either. I don’t like John Podesta either. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to loathe these people. You don’t have to concoct ridiculous conspiracy theories to amuse yourselves.

Seriously. You don’t have to do stuff like this:

You have the right to do it. The First Amendment guarantees that. But you don’t have to. You really don’t.

That goes for all y’all. The Russians didn’t hack the election, Hillary didn’t run a child sex ring, and a lot of people don’t have enough things to do to occupy their free time.

Comet Ping Pong’s only crime is mediocre pizza and overpriced beer. If you want to go after them for that, I’m with you.