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State Dept. Employees May Or May Not Be Prohibited From Making Eye Contact With Tillerson

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I don’t know about you guys, but we’re barely two months into the Trump administration and I’m in a perpetual state of numb exhaustion. Between Trump and the people who are frantically scrambling 24/7 to take down Trump (i.e. the press), I don’t know who or what to believe from one minute to the next. Looks like I picked the wrong Lent to quit drinking.

By the time I learn enough about a HUGE TRUMP SCANDAL to realize I don’t care, it turns out to be fake anyway. Here’s a case in point:

OMG. What a tyrant. Just further proof that we need to impeach Trump. Etc.

Oh, but wait:

I’ve followed Matt Lee’s work for years, and he’s one of the few mainstream reporters who pursues the truth no matter who’s in power. So my instinct is to trust him over some anonymous bureaucrat.

But then, who knows? Maybe Matt Lee is wrong. Maybe Tillerson really is as as scary as the character from the Bourne movies he so chillingly resembles. Here’s the question:

Even if it’s true, does it matter?

Does any of this crap matter?

(Hat tip: Twitchy)