TRIGGER WARNING: These New Shirts Proudly Showcase The President Of The United States

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President Trump has been office for just over two months now, and the liberal media continues to do everything it can to delegitimize his administration. They are succeeding, too, insofar as many lefties throughout the country simply refuse to acknowledge they lost the election in November. #NotMyPresident is a popular trend on social media, almost as popular as people pretending that Hillary (or even Chelsea) Clinton is the rightful leader of America. They are wrong.

No matter what alternate universe the snowflakes in this country choose to inhabit, there is no taking away the fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Don’t let anyone forget that. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. One way to do this is by getting one of these new shirts:

“We Won” Shirts — $20

It is guaranteed that wearing one these shirts around town will trigger the snowflakes in your neighborhood. But who cares. If they wanted the right to rep their candidate for president, they should’ve campaigned a little harder leading up to November. (And even so, losing hasn’t stopped them from wearing their vile pink vagina hats.) These T-shirts are a physical way of saying “Hail to the Chief.” Wear them proudly.

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