Maybe It’s Time For Christians To Declare Themselves A Minority

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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You know, it might make sense for Christians to declare themselves a minority. We might be recognized as having some rights if we do so.

I know what some of you are thinking: how ridiculous to suggest that Christianity is in any way endangered or constricted in America — that most Christian of countries, where even a guy like Barack Obama had to find some church to identify with to get elected as president. Pity it was a Chicago church led by a pastor who ranted against the United States but Obama claimed he missed all those sermons. Either asleep, absent or just not there in mind.

But anyone who has seen the “God’s Not Dead” film package knows, Christianity is under siege at the nation’s colleges and universities — just as sanity is daily assaulted by students and faculty who are obsessed with microaggessions and safe spaces.

But if you want to know what the future might hold — and not the distant future but the all too near future — have a look at those countries closest to the United States both culturally, linguistically and politically: and I speak of Canada and Great Britain.

Canada has fallen under the odious but pervasive influence of glamor boy prime minister Justin Trudeau, a typical smorgasbord Roman Catholic (as I like to say) who picks and chooses his articles of faith from the table of religious dogma. This is typical of most liberal Catholics in the political sphere. Take the hapless Sen. Tim Kaine — please — who managed to adjust his entire world view to the abortion-hugging views of Hillary Clinton when he sold his soul for the dubious opportunity of being her vice-presidential running mate.

Trudeau has gone overboard as he jettisons his Catholic faith along the political road becoming so staunchly in love with abortion that you can’t run as a Liberal Party candidate or sit in his caucus if you’re pro-life. Trudeau has proclaimed evangelical Christians to be foreign to Canadian values while he never misses an opportunity to spend an afternoon at a the local Mosque, telling the Muslims how their diversity unites us all.

Well it is not exactly uniting anyone around Toronto, where the Muslims students have demanded and been granted time and space at PUBLIC schools to recite their Friday prayers — in Arabic. Some parents are concerned with what is being said and who is saying it — what with all those reports of radical imams visiting Canadian cities and telling the congregations to kill Jews.

Christians have been marginalized in Canadian schools for years. Never mind reciting The Lord’s Prayer, you can’t even see a Christmas pageant because that might offend one of the faiths deemed be be in the “minority” but that nonetheless seems to be in charge.

And you will read on these pages today about how an annual Easter egg hunt in Britain has fallen victim to extreme political correctness and excised any reference “Easter” in the promotion of the event.

Really? “I wonder why we’re hunting for chocolate eggs,” some internet-nurtured kid will no doubt inquire. He, she or zhe will no doubt be reprimanded for asking such an impertinent and potentially “Islamophobic” question and will remain ignorant.

You may count it a small thing indeed that a Christian holiday has again been morphed so it does not offend non-Christians, who, the political correctness Gestapo assures us, are always offended by phrases like “Christmas” and “Easter.” But it is merely symptomatic of a greater collapse, a relatively mild reminder that that, like the Fall of Rome, the end of an era is at hand and the barbarians are coming through the gate.

Can you imagine if Christians insisted upon neutralizing or secularizing the Muslim festival of Ramadan because it just seemed to be less Muslim that way? I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to do so but certainly anyone who did think it a useful exercise would never get away with it; there would be Islamic rioting in the streets and that usually bridles whatever political forces of change are threatening the status quo.

Perhaps if Christians stopped pretending to be a majority religion and actively pursued recognition of their minority status they could start getting asserting their rights.

It works for everyone else.

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